The President of Nagasaki University Visits TKU

On May 14th President of Nagasaki University, Shigeru Katamine, accepted an invitation from President Flora Chia-I Chang to visit Tamkang University. He came with another honored guest Secretary from the Ministry of Education, Department of International Cross Strait Education, Guo-lung Luo. The Japanese President graced the visit with a lecture themed around Educational Reform in Nagasaki University. During the Lecture, President Shigeru Katamine introduced the university governing concepts and principles responsible for the development of Nagasaki University.

The lecture also described the current higher education revolution taking place in Japan. After the lecture, the guests were given a guided tour by Vice President of Administration, Po-yuan Kao. They were pleased to observe the Chueh-sheng Memorial Library, Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center and the different scenic views on Tamsui Campus.

Nagasaki University was established in 1949 and in November 2004 it officially became the sister school of Tamkang University. They have four campuses and their curriculum is designed in areas of education, politics, medical care, dental care, medicine, engineering, environmental science and a variety of social studies. President Chang made an appearance to visit Nagasaki University in June of 2009. She also participated in Nagasaki University’s 60 year anniversary in November of 2010.


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