Gakushuin University Comes to TKU for Teacher Student Exchange

Professor Naoki Sudo and Professor Yoshi Nakai, two professors from Japanese sister school Gakushuin University, brought 16 students for an exchange at Tamkang University on February 13th. They were greeted by Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, Dean of the Graduate Institute of Asian Studies, Yao-ting Jen, Assistant Professor Hsi-hsun Tsai, Dean of the Department of Japanese Language, Taw Huei Maa, Secretary of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs, Martha Shu-min Kuo and 10 students from the Department of Japanese Language and the Graduate Institute of Asian Studies.

The teacher-student exchange began with a brief introduction of Gakushuin University and Tamkang University. After the introduction, the two universities were divided into groups to carry out a discussion. Even though the exchange took place during the cold winter break, warm feelings were developed as members of both universities opened up to each other. Lots of fun and laughter took place as they discussed issues such as politics, society, culture, and education. They communicated enthusiastically using both Japanese and English. The exchange only lasted for three hours, but is sure to leave a lasting impression on all of the participants. They exchanged contact information with the hopes of being able to stay in touch in the near future. This exchange program between the two universities was officially established in July of last year and continues to deepen and develop.


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