Ritsumeikan University Comes to TKU for a Visit

On December 26th representatives of TKU’s Japanese sister school, Ritsumeikan University, came to visit Tamkang Campus. The esteemed guests included Ritsumeikan University’s Chancellor, Kiyofumi Kawaguchi, Operational Manager, Masaharu Imamura, Vice-minister of the Department of International Affairs, Miki Horie, Head of the Study Abroad Program, Miyuki Hiroaki, and Secretary General, Masako Aoki.

On this particular visit, in addition to meeting with President Chia-I Chang, Chancellor Kiyofumi Kawaguchi also gave a lecture that introduced the current situation of the higher learning educational system in Japan. He also explained the government policies and changes in terms of higher learning along with Ritsumeikan University’s desire to work together with TKU on various future projects.

President Chia-I Chang received a warm welcome upon her visit at Ritsumeikan University in November of 2011. Tamkang University has worked together with Ritsumeikan University for many activities including disaster relief for Japan’s unfortunate megaquake and exchange programs that inspired cultural interaction. After the lecture, a banquet was held where President Chang expressed, “I hope that our interaction in the future can become even more strengthened and involved. This is an extremely b


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