President Chang Attends the TKU Alumni Association Hong Kong Conference

On November 16th and 17th, President Flora Chia-I Chang attended the Tamkang University Alumni Association Hong Kong Conference in celebration of the 63rd anniversary of TKU. Also in attendance was Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai and the Executive Director of the TKU Office of Alumni Resources, Dr. Chun-Young Perng.

A group of esteemed alumni established this annual management committee meeting in 1977 and it has lead the way into the development of various activities that have continually strengthened the relationships and resources for alumni associations internationally. Last year on November 27th Lin-wei Chang, President of the Tamkang University Alumni Association Hong Kong, donated 10,000 Hong Kong Dollars to the university in honor of the 35th Tamkang University Alumni Association Hong Kong Conference. This year President Chang was honored to take the lead in hosting the annual event while expressing her appreciation for their continual support.

President Chang expressed her gratitude to the Hong Kong alumni association for their assistance regarding academics, employment and exchange programs. She stated that their support has resulted in the development of better resources that have raised the academic standing of our university. She also made mention of the current status of the Shou Chien International Conference Center and expressed heartfelt appreciation for their support.


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