Japan’s Doshisha University Principal Koji Murata Visits TKU

The TKU sister school Doshisha University in Kyoto is a famous private university in Japan, and the principal of the school, Koji Murata, arrived for a visit to the TKU campus in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 6th, 2013.

Doshisha University received two grants at the same time from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT), one to enroll foreign students and another to send exchange students abroad. There have been frequent exchanges between the two schools since Doshisha signed a contract with TKU in May of 2010. Apart from sending a group of students and teachers (Department Faculty of Social Studies Department of Education and Culture) to conduct student/teacher exchanges with TKU in April of this year (2013), Doshisha also jointly held a seminar on development trends in Asia and the world with TKU’s College of International Studies, and TKU Vice President of International Affairs Tai Wan-chin led five department heads and professors from the College of International Studies to Japan for meetings and to present papers at the seminar.

The TKU Department of Japanese had favorable results from sending third-year students to Doshisha as exchange students. In order to expand the exchange program, and with the expectation that future exchanges between the two universities would be more frequent, in February of this year, Wu Hsi-deh, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Literatures, signed long- and short-term student learning exchange contracts with the head of Doshisha’s Faculty of Culture and Information Science, who along with Doshisha teachers and students was visiting TKU at the time.

Principal Murata took charge in April this year, using a visit to Taiwan as an opportunity to visit TKU, at which time TKU President Flora Chia-I Chang held a special banquet in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall to celebrate, with relevant department heads joining in. There was much lively conversation during the meal, with expectations of even more exchanges of students and teachers in the future as well as cooperation on R&D projects.


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