A Visit from Mr. Levente Szekely

On May 31, 2013, on the recommendation of former TKU President, Dr. Ron-Yaw Chao, the Representative of the Hungarian Trade Office, Taipei, Mr. Levente Szekely made a goodwill visit to Tamkang University. He was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Szekely.

The main purpose of the visit was to explore the possibilities of closer academic cooperation between Hungarian Universities and Tamkang University. TKU already has sister relations with a Hungarian university — Corvinus University of Budapest. Mr Szekely pointed out that Corvinus University of Budapest is one of the best universities in Hungary. He also mentioned the possibility of enhancing academic collaboration with Corvinus University. Vice-President Tai explained that TKU will start to exchange students with Corvinus University in the near future, and invited Mr Szekely to deliver a speech or lecture at TKU in the future.

After the discussion, the guests visited the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center and Carrie Chang Music Hall. They were amazed at the Center’s high-quality facilities, especially given that TKU does not have an art department. Though it was only a brief visit, the guests left with a very positive impression of TKU.


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