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Generation Sustainability and Social Innovation Forum, Exchanges of Strong Generation Issues


世代永續與社會創新論壇 壯世代議題交流分享

Generation Sustainability and Social Innovation Forum – Need and Industrial Prospect of Strong Generation, co-hosted by Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation of TKU and Strong Generation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Association, was held at Chang Yeo Lan International Conference Hall, Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center on November 29. The forum was jointly planned by College of Precision Healthcare, USR projects: “Building Connection of Aging Society between Tamsui and Sanzhi” and “Tamsui Goodlife – Study-Oriented Urban and Rural Construction”, aiming at discussing about how university and society respond to the impact of aging.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation of TKU Hui-Huang Hsu mentioned in his remark that Taiwan’s society is facing 2 impacts: low birth rate and aging. The concept of “Strong Generation”, vigorously advocated by Max Wu, Chairman of Strong Generation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Association, encourages the elderly to keep pursuing self-achievement more proactively and to make contributions to the society. Tamkang actively provides more care and services to Strong Generation through the practice of USR projects and the establishment of College of Precision Healthcare. He wished that the discussions and exchanges in the forum could attract more attention to related issues and urge the government to plan more policies.

Max Wu delivered a keynote speech on “Common Solution to Aging and Low Birth Rate”. He hopes that the advocacy of Strong Generation could change the stereotype of the elderly generation and provide a positive social movement, which will be based on the change in Taiwan and become a model of aging around the world. Hsien-Cheng Chang, Head of Department of Family Medicine and Department of Community Medicine of Lotung Poh-Ai Hospital, talked on “the Resilience and Glory of Healthy Strong Generation”. He started with the story of the home-cared elderly, where he gained and was touched. He mentioned the current state and future plan of health care, expecting to achieve the objectives of “no sickness, no dysfunction, no death” and to finish the life journey with a healthy body and mind.

The discussion session was chaired by Rui-Mao Huang, Chief of Social Practice and Strategy Section of Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation. 2 moderators, Dean of College of Precision Healthcare Yu-Kuang Teng and Associate Professor Lih-Wen Mau from Physical Education Instruction and Activities Section of Office of Physical Education respectively talked on “Precision Health, LOHAS & Win-Win”, and “Joyfully Welcome Strong Generation”.

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