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TKU Prof. Jong-Shenq Guo Receives Research Honor



Each year, the National Science Council rewards teachers who made exceptional contributions to the corpus of scientific research. The recipients receive a certificate and NT $300,000 per year for three years. This year, TKU’s Dr. Jong-Shenq Guo, an esteemed professor in the Department of Mathematics, was among the recipients.

Dr. Guo obtained a PhD from the University of Minnesota. Ever since, his research findings have played a vital role in the field of mathematics. He specializes in research related to the formation of singularities, wave phenomena, free boundary problems, and mathematical biology.

When asked of the influence mathematics has had on his life, Dr. Guo explained “most people think that spending time studying math is really strange. But actually, through studying mathematics and through the process of deduction and substantiation, one’s ability to reason and think logically is heightened”. As for his reaction to receiving this prestigious honor: “I feel truly gratified, as though all my hard work has been recognized. Research is a long and unending path. I intend to continue on this path well into the future”.


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TKU Prof. Jong-Shenq Guo Receives Research Honor


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